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Baby Gang: A Journey from Struggles to Stardom

Early Life and Background

Baby Gang, whose real name is Zaccaria Mouhib, was born on June 26, 2001, in Lecco, Italy. His life took a challenging turn from a young age as he found himself navigating between educational communities and juvenile prisons.

2018 – Debut with “Street”

In 2018, at the age of 17, Baby Gang made his debut in the Italian music scene with the single “Street.” This marked the beginning of his career as a rapper, and it hinted at the raw and gritty storytelling that would become a hallmark of his music.

2018 – Return to Detention

However, shortly after the release of “Street,” Baby Gang’s promising start was interrupted. He was compelled to serve another period of detention, this time at the Cesare Beccaria juvenile prison in Milan. This setback could have deterred many, but Baby Gang’s determination to share his experiences through music remained unwavering.

2019 – Songs of Reflection

Upon his release and having paid his debt to justice, Baby Gang continued to use music as a medium for self-expression and reflection. In 2019, he released songs like “Educazione” and “Cella 1,” which vividly portrayed his time behind bars. Through his lyrics, he offered a glimpse into the challenges and struggles he faced during his incarceration.

2020 – Collaborations and Musical Growth

In 2020, Baby Gang expanded his horizons by collaborating with other artists. Notable among these collaborations were “Baby Gang” with the 167 Gang, “Bimbi Soldato” with Sacky, and “SACOCHE” with Simba La Rue. These collaborations showcased his versatility as an artist and his ability to connect with different styles and voices within the rap scene.

2021 – EP and Debut Album

May 2021 marked a significant milestone in Baby Gang’s career with the release of his first EP, aptly titled “EP 1.” This EP allowed him to delve deeper into his storytelling, offering listeners a more extensive narrative of his life and experiences.

Just a few months later, in August 2021, Baby Gang released his debut album, “Delinquente.” This album was a culmination of his journey, filled with both introspective tracks and energetic anthems. It solidified his position as a prominent figure in the Italian rap scene.

Baby Gang’s music is characterized by its honesty, addressing the challenges and tribulations he has faced throughout his life. His lyrics often touch on themes of adversity, redemption, and personal growth, resonating with listeners who have faced similar struggles.

As of this timeline, Baby Gang’s career is on an upward trajectory, and he continues to captivate audiences with his music, which serves as a testament to his resilience and determination to turn his life around through art.



  1. “EP 1” (May 2021)


  1. “Delinquente” (August 2021)

Notable Singles:

  1. “Street”
  2. “Educazione”
  3. “Cella 1”
  4. “Baby Gang” (with 167 Gang)
  5. “Bimbi Soldato” (with Sacky)
  6. “SACOCHE” (with Simba La Rue)

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