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Baby Goth, an emerging artist in the hip-hop and R&B scene, has garnered attention with her unique blend of catchy melodies, edgy style, and unapologetic lyrics. Born as Mariana Seoane, this Mexican-American artist has carved out a distinctive identity that combines elements of pop culture, fashion, and music into a captivating persona.

While Baby Goth‘s exact birth date is not widely known, her rise to prominence began in the late 2010s. Combining her love for music and her passion for self-expression, she adopted the moniker “Baby Goth” to embody her artistic persona. Her persona exudes confidence, mystery, and a rebellious spirit, which resonates with a new generation of listeners.


  1. “Sugar” (2019) – Single
  2. “Swimming” (2019) – Single
  3. “Afterparty” (2019) – Single
  4. “Mary” (2020) – Single
  5. “Gleamy” (2020) – Single
  6. “Gleamy (Remix)” (2020) – Single
  7. “I Do” (2021) – Single

Baby Goth’s musical journey took a significant turn when she caught the attention of established artists. One of her early breakthroughs was her collaboration with the acclaimed rapper Trippie Redd on the track “Sugar”, which was released in 2019. The song’s catchy chorus and Baby Goth’s unique vocal delivery quickly gained traction, introducing her to a wider audience.

Her subsequent releases, including “Swimming” and “Afterparty”, continued to showcase her distinctive sound. Blending elements of hip-hop, R&B, and pop, Baby Goth’s music defies easy categorization, creating a refreshing and genre-blurring sonic experience.

In 2020, Baby Goth’s single “Mary” further solidified her status as an artist to watch. The track, which explores themes of love and self-empowerment, showcases her ability to deliver heartfelt lyrics over melodic beats. The accompanying music video embraced her edgy aesthetic and garnered attention for its bold visuals.

Collaborations have played a crucial role in Baby Goth’s journey, allowing her to showcase her versatility and connect with fellow artists. Her remix of “Gleamy” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign added a new dimension to her music, expanding her reach even further.

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Baby Goth’s rise as an artist is characterized not only by her music but also by her distinct visual style. Often seen sporting vibrant hair colors, bold fashion choices, and eye-catching accessories, she presents herself as a symbol of empowerment and self-expression.

In an industry where individuality is prized, Baby Goth has managed to stand out by embracing her uniqueness and fusing it with her music. Her singles, collaborations, and visual identity have collectively contributed to her growing reputation and dedicated fan base.

As Baby Goth continues to evolve as an artist, her ability to traverse different musical genres while staying true to her own creative vision will likely keep her on the radar of music enthusiasts worldwide. With a promising trajectory and a distinctive style, Baby Goth’s journey in the music industry is one to watch closely in the coming years.

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