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BabyJake, a rising star in the realm of alternative and indie-pop, has swiftly captured the hearts of listeners with his introspective lyrics, genre-bending sound, and authentic storytelling. Born as Jake Herring, this Florida-born artist has carved a unique path in the music industry, combining his songwriting prowess with a fresh and captivating sonic palette.

Jake Herring’s journey as BabyJake began in the late 2010s, when he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his musical aspirations. Drawing inspiration from a range of influences, he crafted a sound that seamlessly fuses elements of indie-pop, R&B, and alternative rock.


  1. “Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine” (2019) – EP
  2. “The Sun Wakes Up Later Now” (2020) – EP
  3. “Cigarettes on Patios” (2020) – Single
  4. “Confidant” (2020) – Single
  5. “MadHappySad” (2021) – EP

In 2019, BabyJake’s debut EP “Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine” showcased his knack for crafting catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics. The EP’s title track, along with songs like “Blue Cellophane” and “Cigarettes on Patios”, introduced listeners to his distinctive style—a blend of vulnerability and wit.

BabyJake’s breakthrough came with the release of “Cigarettes on Patios”, a song that resonated with audiences for its candid depiction of life’s uncertainties. The track’s mellow instrumentation, coupled with BabyJake’s emotive vocals, earned him recognition and paved the way for his further artistic explorations.

The subsequent year saw the release of his second EP, “The Sun Wakes Up Later Now”. This project continued to highlight BabyJake’s versatility, with tracks like “Confidant” delving into themes of self-discovery and growth. The EP’s introspective nature and relatable lyrics resonated deeply with listeners, establishing BabyJake as an artist who could capture the complexities of human emotions.

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In 2020, BabyJake released “MadHappySad”, his third EP, which continued to showcase his evolving sound and songwriting maturity. The title track, “MadHappySad”, explores the complex emotions of navigating relationships, while tracks like “Head in the Clouds” delve into introspection and self-awareness. This project cemented his reputation as an artist who could craft poignant narratives that resonated with a wide range of listeners.

One of BabyJake’s defining attributes is his ability to blend different musical genres seamlessly. His music often includes elements of indie-pop, alternative rock, and R&B, resulting in a unique sonic experience that defies easy categorization. This genre-blurring approach has garnered him a diverse and dedicated fan base.

BabyJake’s authenticity shines through not only in his music but also in his candid interactions with fans. He has been open about his experiences and struggles, connecting with listeners on a personal level. His genuine approach to his artistry has helped him build a strong rapport with his audience.

As BabyJake continues to evolve as an artist, his willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles ensures that his future releases will continue to surprise and captivate. With his introspective songwriting and ability to convey raw emotions, BabyJake is poised to make a lasting impact on the alternative and indie music scenes.

With each new project, BabyJake demonstrates his growth as a musician and his commitment to pushing creative boundaries. As his journey unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate his next steps, excited to see how his artistry will continue to evolve and resonate with audiences around the world.

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