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Bachelor is a musical collaboration between two acclaimed indie musicians, Melina Duterte of Jay Som and Ellen Kempner of Palehound. The project’s formation in 2020 marked the beginning of an exciting journey that combined their individual talents and musical visions into a fresh and captivating sound.

The story of Bachelor began with the friendship between Melina Duterte and Ellen Kempner, two artists who had previously toured together and admired each other’s work. In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, they decided to embark on a creative partnership and explore new musical territories. The name “Bachelor” itself alludes to a sense of independence and autonomy, capturing the essence of their collaboration.

The duo’s debut single, “Anything at All,” was released in April 2020, giving listeners a taste of what was to come. The song’s dreamy guitars, harmonious vocals, and introspective lyrics set the tone for their musical approach. Bachelor’s music is characterized by a blend of indie rock, folk influences, and introspective songwriting, showcasing the distinct styles of both artists.

In June 2021, Bachelor released their debut album, “Doomin’ Sun,” an exploration of themes such as friendship, personal growth, and self-discovery. The album was a culmination of their creative synergy, with each track representing a unique blend of their respective musical sensibilities. Tracks like “Stay in the Car” and “Went Out Without You” captured the emotional depth of their songwriting while maintaining a sense of intimacy.

Bachelor’s music is not only defined by their captivating melodies and harmonies but also by their willingness to experiment with different sonic elements. They seamlessly incorporate electronic textures, acoustic guitar work, and layered vocals to create a rich and immersive listening experience. The chemistry between Duterte and Kempner is evident in their seamless vocal interplay and the cohesive nature of their compositions.

Despite their relatively short time as a musical duo, Bachelor has already made a significant impact on the indie music scene. Their collaborative spirit, unique sound, and relatable lyrics have resonated with audiences who appreciate their authenticity and artistic growth.


  • Doomin’ Sun” (2021) – Studio Album


  • Melina Duterte (vocals, guitar)
  • Ellen Kempner (vocals, guitar)

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