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Backyard Babies is a Swedish rock band that has been a prominent figure in the Scandinavian rock scene since the late 1980s. Known for their high-energy performances, gritty sound, and rebellious attitude, the band’s history is marked by their enduring presence in the rock genre and their influence on the music scene.

Formed in Nässjö, Sweden, in 1987, Backyard Babies initially consisted of Nicke Borg (vocals, guitar), Dregen (guitar), Johan Blomquist (bass), and Peder Carlsson (drums). The band’s early years were characterized by their raw and unfiltered approach to rock music, drawing inspiration from punk, garage rock, and classic rock influences.

In 1994, Backyard Babies released their debut album, “Diesel and Power,” which showcased their energetic sound and unapologetic attitude. The album’s mix of punk-infused rock and roll resonated with audiences, and tracks like “Look at You” and “Highlights” became staples in their live performances.

The band’s sophomore album, “Total 13,” released in 1998, further solidified their position in the rock scene. The album’s raucous energy, catchy melodies, and anthemic choruses captured the essence of Backyard Babies’ sound. “Bombed (Out of My Mind)” and “Robber of Life” were among the standout tracks that showcased the band’s growth as songwriters.

Throughout the 2000s, Backyard Babies continued to release albums that demonstrated their evolving musical style. “Making Enemies is Good” (2001) and “Stockholm Syndrome” (2003) showcased their ability to combine hard-hitting rock with melodic sensibilities. The band’s consistent output and dedication to their craft earned them a loyal fan base and critical acclaim.

Backyard Babies’ music often delves into themes of rebellion, life’s challenges, and the struggles of youth. Their lyrics reflect an attitude of defiance and a desire to break free from societal norms, resonating with listeners who identify with their messages.

In 2008, the band announced a temporary hiatus, during which members pursued individual projects. Nicke Borg embarked on a solo career, while Dregen joined the band The Hellacopters and collaborated with other musicians.

In 2015, Backyard Babies made a triumphant return with the release of “Four by Four,” their first studio album in seven years. The album captured the essence of their rock roots while showcasing their growth as musicians. Tracks like “Th1rt3en or Nothing” and “Bloody Tears” demonstrated their ability to infuse new energy into their classic sound.


  • Diesel and Power” (1994) – Studio Album
  • Total 13” (1998) – Studio Album
  • Making Enemies is Good” (2001) – Studio Album
  • Stockholm Syndrome” (2003) – Studio Album
  • People Like People Like People Like Us” (2006) – Studio Album
  • Backyard Babies” (2008) – Studio Album
  • Four by Four” (2015) – Studio Album
  • Sliver & Gold” (2019) – Studio Album


  • Nicke Borg (vocals, guitar)
  • Dregen (guitar)
  • Johan Blomquist (bass)
  • Peder Carlsson (drums)

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