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Baco Exu do Blues, born as Diogo Moncorvo, is a Brazilian rapper, songwriter, and poet who has emerged as a powerful voice in the Brazilian music scene. His unique blend of hip-hop, blues, and spoken word poetry has garnered attention for its raw authenticity, thought-provoking lyrics, and bold social commentary. Baco Exu do Blues’ history is marked by his journey from obscurity to acclaim, as he navigated the complexities of the music industry while maintaining his artistic integrity.

Born on January 15, 1996, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Baco Exu do Blues grew up in a musically rich environment. He was influenced by various genres, including Brazilian music, reggae, and hip-hop. His stage name, which translates to “Baco, the Blues Man,” reflects his intention to fuse the emotional depth of blues with the storytelling elements of hip-hop.

Baco Exu do Blues’ breakthrough came in 2017 with the release of his mixtape “Esú.” The mixtape’s title is a reference to the Yoruba deity Esu, associated with communication and crossroads. The mixtape featured tracks that explored themes of identity, love, and social issues, and its success catapulted Baco Exu do Blues into the spotlight.

In 2018, Baco Exu do Blues gained international recognition with his single “Te Amo Disgraça.” The song’s powerful lyrics and accompanying music video resonated with listeners and critics alike, addressing themes of self-love, racism, and social inequality. The song earned him accolades and marked his transition from an underground artist to a mainstream figure.

Baco Exu do Blues’ debut album, “Bluesman,” released in 2018, further solidified his status as a significant force in Brazilian music. The album delved into his personal experiences, struggles, and reflections on society. The album’s title track, “Bluesman,” became an anthem for self-acceptance, addressing issues of identity and mental health.

Throughout his career, Baco Exu do Blues has emphasized the importance of authenticity and storytelling in his music. His lyrical prowess and ability to tackle complex subjects have garnered him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. His performances are marked by his passionate delivery and his willingness to address social and political issues often overlooked in mainstream Brazilian music.


  • Bluesman” (2018) – Studio Album
  • Nação Madureira” (2021) – EP

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