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Bad Boy Chiller Crew is a musical group that has taken the UK music scene by storm with their unique blend of electronic, rap, and dance genres. Hailing from Bradford, West Yorkshire, the group’s rise to prominence is a testament to the power of grassroots and internet-driven movements in the modern music industry.

The history of Bad Boy Chiller Crew dates back to the mid-2010s when friends and founding members Kane, Clive, and Gav started creating music together as a form of self-expression. Their early tracks were infused with the energy of their local culture and showcased their witty lyrics and catchy beats. The group initially gained traction by sharing their music on social media platforms, particularly YouTube, where their videos began to amass a devoted following.

In 2019, their breakthrough single “450” became a viral sensation, drawing attention to their distinctive sound and charismatic personas. The track’s blend of electronic dance music, rap, and humor resonated with audiences, leading to a surge in popularity. The dance routines and energetic performances in their music videos also played a significant role in capturing the attention of fans.

Building on their newfound momentum, Bad Boy Chiller Crew released their debut EP, “Full Wack No Brakes,” in the same year. The EP showcased their ability to craft anthemic and infectious songs that seamlessly blended various influences. Tracks like “Get Out” and “Don’t You Worry About Me” further solidified their reputation as a group capable of creating memorable and engaging music.

As the group’s popularity continued to grow, they found themselves performing at festivals and shows across the UK. Their energetic live performances became a defining aspect of their identity, with fans eagerly participating in their dance routines and chanting along to their catchy lyrics.

In 2020, Bad Boy Chiller Crew released their second EP, “#GCSEs.” This project further showcased their musical versatility, featuring tracks that seamlessly transitioned between electronic dance beats and rap verses. The EP’s title track highlighted their witty lyricism and relatable themes, resonating with a generation of listeners who appreciated their unabashed authenticity.

The group’s unique aesthetic and style also caught the attention of fashion brands and designers, leading to collaborations and partnerships that further elevated their visibility in both the music and fashion worlds.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew’s music is a reflection of their personalities and the cultural influences of their hometown, creating a distinct sound that defies easy categorization.


  • Full Wack No Brakes (EP, 2019)
  • #GCSEs (EP, 2020)
  • Disrespectful (2022)-album


  • Kane
  • Clive
  • Gav

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