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Bad English was a notable American rock band formed in the late 1980s that achieved considerable success with their unique blend of melodic rock and power ballads. The band’s history is a story of collaborations between accomplished musicians from various backgrounds and their impact on the rock music scene.

Bad English came into existence in 1988 when John Waite (vocals), known for his work with The Babys and as a solo artist, joined forces with Neal Schon (guitar), a member of Journey. The lineup also included Jonathan Cain (keyboard/guitar), another Journey member, as well as Ricky Phillips (bass) and Deen Castronovo (drums), who had both played with Schon in previous projects.

In 1989, Bad English released their self-titled debut album, “Bad English.” The album featured their signature hit “When I See You Smile,” a power ballad that became a chart-topping success. The song’s emotional resonance and melodic appeal helped propel the band into the mainstream. The album also included tracks like “Price of Love” and “Possession,” which showcased their ability to blend rock with memorable hooks and heartfelt lyrics.

The band’s second album, “Backlash,” was released in 1991. The album further solidified their reputation for crafting melodic rock anthems, featuring tracks like “Time Stood Still” and “Straight to Your Heart.” Despite achieving success with their music, the band faced the challenges of living up to the expectations set by their debut album.

During their brief existence, Bad English toured extensively, delivering energetic live performances that showcased their musical prowess and the chemistry between the band members. However, by 1991, the group disbanded due to internal conflicts and a desire to explore other musical ventures.

John Waite and Jonathan Cain returned to their respective careers, while Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo later joined forces with other musicians to form the acclaimed rock band Journey.


  • Bad English” (1989)
  • Backlash” (1991)


  • John Waite – Vocals
  • Neal Schon – Guitar
  • Jonathan Cain – Keyboard/Guitar
  • Ricky Phillips – Bass
  • Deen Castronovo – Drums

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