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Bad Manners is an iconic English 2-Tone and ska band, led by the larger-than-life frontman, Buster Bloodvessel (real name Douglas Trendle). With their distinct sound and look, the band has carved a significant niche in the history of British ska music.

1976: Formation

Formed in North London, Bad Manners began their journey in the music scene. They started playing around local pubs and gained a reputation for their energetic performances and entertaining stage antics.

1980: The Breakthrough

Their debut album “Ska ‘n’ B” was released in 1980. The album became a hit and established the band’s place in the ska revival scene alongside other bands like The Specials and Madness. The album’s success was followed by a series of hit singles, including “Ne-Ne Na-Na Na-Na Nu-Nu” and “Lip Up Fatty.”

1981-1983: Peak Popularity

Bad Manners released three more albums during this period: “Loonee Tunes!” (1980), “Gosh It’s… Bad Manners” (1981), and “Forging Ahead” (1982). They achieved several UK chart hits and their popularity extended to other parts of the world, especially in Australia.

1985: Changing Times

By the mid-80s, the ska revival began to wane. However, Bad Manners persisted, releasing “Mental Notes” in 1985. While it didn’t achieve the commercial success of their earlier albums, it demonstrated the band’s commitment to their music.

1990s: Steady Presence

During the 1990s, Bad Manners remained active, releasing albums and touring extensively. Albums like “Fat Sound” (1992) and “Heavy Petting” (1997) showcased their continued dedication to the ska genre.

2000s-Present: Legacy Act

The 21st century saw Bad Manners evolve into a legacy act, celebrating the heyday of 2-Tone and ska. They continued to tour globally, bringing classic tracks to both old fans and a new generation. The band’s dedication to live performances and Buster Bloodvessel’s entertaining stage presence ensured their enduring popularity.


Over the years, Bad Manners have released numerous albums that capture their ska sound and infectious energy. Here are some notable ones:

  1. “Ska ‘n’ B” (1980) – The debut album that introduced the world to Bad Manners.
  2. “Loonee Tunes!” (1980) – Continued the momentum of their debut with more hits.
  3. “Gosh It’s… Bad Manners” (1981) – Included tracks that became staples in their live performances.
  4. “Forging Ahead” (1982) – Cemented their status as one of the premier ska bands of the era.
  5. “Mental Notes” (1985) – A demonstration of the band’s resilience amidst changing musical landscapes.
  6. “Fat Sound” (1992) – A return to form during the 1990s.
  7. “Heavy Petting” (1997) – A matured sound while retaining the band’s signature energy.


Over the years, Bad Manners saw various members come and go. However, the core members that contributed significantly to its identity include:

  • Buster Bloodvessel (Douglas Trendle) – Lead vocals
  • Louis Cook – Guitar
  • David Farren – Bass
  • Martin Stewart – Keyboards
  • Brian Tuitt – Drums
  • Chris Kane – Saxophone

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