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Bad Omens is an American metalcore band known for their dynamic sound that blends elements of heavy metal, alternative rock, and post-hardcore. Their journey from formation to becoming a force in the modern metal scene is a story of perseverance, creative evolution, and the impact of their emotionally charged music.

The history of Bad Omens began in 2015 when lead vocalist Noah Sebastian formed the band in Richmond, Virginia. The band’s name is inspired by a biblical omen, reflecting their introspective and often dark lyrical themes. The lineup also included guitarist Nicholas Ruffilo, bassist Vincent Riquier, and drummer Nick Folio.

In 2016, Bad Omens released their self-titled debut album, “Bad Omens.” The album was a showcase of their ability to seamlessly weave heavy riffs with melodic choruses, creating a sound that resonated with fans of various metal subgenres. Tracks like “The Worst in Me” and “Glass Houses” demonstrated their emotive songwriting and the raw power of their music.

The band’s music often delves into personal struggles, mental health, and the human experience, connecting with listeners on a deeper level. Noah Sebastian‘s passionate vocals and the band’s ability to balance aggression with melody set them apart in the metalcore scene.

In 2019, Bad Omens released their sophomore album, “Finding God Before God Finds Me.” The album further showcased their growth as musicians, featuring a more refined sound and exploring even more diverse musical territories. The album’s lead single “Careful What You Wish For” received widespread attention, solidifying their place in the metalcore landscape.

However, Bad Omens‘ journey has also been marked by challenges. Ahead of their 2019 tour with other bands, they were dropped from the lineup due to controversial comments made by the lead vocalist, sparking discussions about freedom of speech and artistic expression.

Despite setbacks, the band continued to focus on their music. In 2020, they released the single “Limits,” a powerful track that dealt with mental health and resilience. The song’s emotive lyrics and heavy instrumentation resonated with fans facing their own struggles.


  • Bad Omens” (2016)
  • Finding God Before God Finds Me” (2019)


  • Noah Sebastian – Vocals
  • Nicholas Ruffilo – Guitar
  • Vincent Riquier – Bass
  • Nick Folio – Drums

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