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Badfinger is a British rock band with a history that intertwines success, tragedy, and enduring musical legacy. Their story is one of promising beginnings, record label disputes, and iconic hits that left an indelible mark on the rock music landscape.

The history of Badfinger began in the early 1960s when they were known as The Iveys. They signed with Apple Records in 1968, becoming one of the first acts to join the label founded by The Beatles. The band consisted of Pete Ham (vocals, guitar), Tom Evans (vocals, bass), Mike Gibbins (drums), and Ron Griffiths (guitar). The Iveys released their debut album, “Maybe Tomorrow,” in 1969, featuring a mix of pop and rock tunes.

In 1969, the band changed their name to Badfinger, and their fortunes took a turn with the release of “Come and Get It,” a song written and produced by Paul McCartney. The single became a hit, showcasing Badfinger’s melodic prowess and gaining them wider recognition.

Their second album, “Magic Christian Music” (1970), included both original tracks and songs from the movie “The Magic Christian,” which starred Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr. The album’s success solidified their position in the music industry, and they followed it up with “No Dice” later the same year, featuring hits like “No Matter What” and “Without You.”

In 1971, Badfinger’s career reached new heights with the release of “Straight Up,” an album that showcased their songwriting skills and versatility. The album featured classics like “Baby Blue” and “Day After Day,” both of which became beloved tracks with timeless appeal. However, despite their successes, tensions arose between the band and their management.

The ensuing legal battles and financial disputes took a toll on Badfinger’s members, affecting their ability to continue creating music under optimal conditions. The tragic suicide of Pete Ham in 1975 marked a devastating turning point in the band’s history. Despite the loss of their talented frontman, the remaining members continued to produce music.

Tom Evans assumed a larger role in the band’s creative direction, leading them to release “Airwaves” (1979). However, the band’s momentum was further marred by internal conflicts, financial struggles, and label issues.

The story of Badfinger took another tragic turn in 1983 when Tom Evans also tragically took his own life. These heartbreaking events cast a shadow over the band’s legacy and contributed to their association with the term “Badfinger Curse.”


  • Magic Christian Music” (1970)
  • No Dice” (1970)
  • Straight Up” (1971)
  • Ass” (1973)
  • Badfinger” (1974)
  • Wish You Were Here” (1974)
  • Head First” (2000)


  • Pete Ham – Vocals, Guitar
  • Tom Evans – Vocals, Bass
  • Mike Gibbins – Drums
  • Ron Griffiths – Guitar (early years)

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