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Badflower is an American rock band that has garnered attention for their emotional and raw songwriting, tackling challenging topics with a mix of alternative and grunge influences. Formed in 2013, the band’s journey is a testament to their commitment to creating music that resonates deeply with listeners and addresses the complexities of human experiences.

The history of Badflower traces back to Los Angeles, California, where Josh Katz (vocals, guitar), Joey Morrow (guitar), Alex Espiritu (bass), and Anthony Sonetti (drums) came together to form the band. The group’s early years were marked by relentless gigging and self-promotion, as they honed their sound and developed a loyal local following.

In 2015, Badflower released their debut single, “Soap,” which caught the attention of radio stations and listeners alike. The song’s emotionally charged lyrics and grunge-infused sound set the tone for their future releases. Their music often delves into heavy subject matter, including mental health, addiction, and societal issues, inviting listeners to reflect on these themes.

The band’s breakthrough came with the release of “Ghost” in 2018, a powerful track that garnered widespread acclaim for its haunting lyrics and intense delivery. The song’s success propelled Badflower into the mainstream, and it became a chart-topping hit on rock radio. It also served as the lead single for their debut album, “OK, I’M SICK,” released in 2019.

OK, I’M SICK” showcased the band’s dynamic range, blending introspective ballads with energetic rock anthems. The album received positive reviews for its vulnerability and willingness to address taboo topics. Tracks like “Heroin” and “Die” demonstrated Badflower‘s ability to create music that was both thought-provoking and musically compelling.

The band’s success led to opportunities to tour with established acts such as Shinedown, The Wrecks, and Pop Evil. Their live performances captured the intensity of their recorded music, and their emotionally charged shows resonated with audiences seeking an authentic connection through music.

Badflower continued to build on their momentum with the release of singles like “30” and “F.” These tracks showcased their evolution as artists and solidified their reputation as a band unafraid to tackle difficult subjects head-on.


  • OK, I’M SICK (2019)-album
  • This Is How The World Ends (2021)-album


  • Josh Katz – Vocals, Guitar
  • Joey Morrow – Guitar
  • Alex Espiritu – Bass
  • Anthony Sonetti – Drums

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