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BAE173, also known as “Before Anyone Else 173,” is a South Korean boy group that has captured the hearts of fans with their energetic performances, diverse talents, and strong musical abilities. Their journey from trainees to becoming an established group in the competitive K-pop industry is a testament to their dedication, teamwork, and commitment to making their mark.

The group was formed by PocketDol Studio and MBK Entertainment and made their debut on November 19, 2020 with their first single album “INTERSECTION: SPARK.” BAE173 consists of 10 members: Yoojun, Muzin, Dohyon, Bit,J-Min, Joha, Doha, E-Chan, Yoondong, and Win. Each member brings their unique personality, vocals, and skills to the group, creating a dynamic and cohesive unit.

Before their official debut, BAE173 underwent a period of intense training, honing their singing, dancing, and performance abilities. This training period is an essential step in the K-pop industry, ensuring that artists are well-prepared for their debut and subsequent activities.

BAE173 burst onto the scene with their debut single album “INTERSECTION: SPARK,” which introduced their fresh and youthful sound. The album’s lead single “Crush On U” showcased their vibrant energy, catchy melodies, and synchronized choreography. The group’s name “Before Anyone Else” reflects their commitment to prioritizing their fans and creating a strong connection with them.

In addition to their musical talents, BAE173 members have diverse skills that contribute to the group’s appeal. From vocal prowess to rap skills and dance abilities, each member adds a unique dimension to their performances. This diversity allows them to explore various genres and concepts within their music.

As the K-pop industry continues to evolve, BAE173 is dedicated to carving out their own space and making a lasting impact. Their dedication to their craft is evident in their performances and their interactions with fans, both on and off stage.




  • Yoojun – Leader, Sub-vocalist
  • Muzin – Sub-rapper
  • Dohyon – Main Rapper, Dancer
  • Bit – Leader, Lead Dancer, Sub-vocalist
  • J-Min – Main Dancer, Sub-vocalist
  • Joha – Sub-vocalist
  • Doha – Sub-vocalist
  • E-Chan – Main Vocalist
  • Yoondong – Sub-vocalist
  • Win – Lead Vocalist

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