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BAILEN, a sibling trio comprising Daniel, David, and Julia Bailen, has captivated audiences with their harmonious blend of folk, rock, and pop influences. The story of their musical journey, from their childhood bond to their rise in the indie music scene, reflects their familial connection and their commitment to creating soulful and resonant music.

Daniel, David, and Julia Bailen grew up in New York City, surrounded by a rich musical environment. Their parents, who are both musicians and educators, fostered their love for music from a young age. The siblings began playing instruments and singing together, forming a natural bond that would become the foundation of their musical collaboration.

In 2013, BAILEN officially formed as a band, with Daniel on bass, David on drums, and Julia as the lead vocalist and guitarist. Their shared musical background and sibling connection created a unique dynamic that translated into their sound. Their harmonious vocals and seamless instrumental interplay set them apart in the indie music scene.

The trio’s debut came with their EP “Traces” in 2014, which showcased their captivating songwriting and their ability to blend genres with ease. Their music was marked by intricate melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and the chemistry that only siblings could bring to the stage. The EP earned them attention and admiration from both critics and listeners.

BAILEN‘s music continued to evolve, drawing from a wide range of influences including folk, rock, soul, and pop. In 2019, they released their full-length debut album “Thrilled to Be Here,” which further solidified their unique sound. The album featured songs that explored themes of love, self-discovery, and introspection, all conveyed through the siblings’ enchanting harmonies and impressive musicianship.

One of the standout tracks from the album was “I Was Wrong,” a song that showcased Julia Bailen‘s emotive vocals and the band’s ability to craft emotionally resonant melodies. The album’s release was met with critical acclaim, earning them recognition for their fresh take on indie folk rock.


  • Traces” (EP, 2014)
  • Thrilled to Be Here” (2019)

Their music is characterized by its warmth, sincerity, and the undeniable chemistry that exists between the three siblings. Their ability to harmonize effortlessly and create intricate arrangements reflects their deep musical connection and the years they’ve spent performing together.

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