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Baka Not Nice, a Canadian rapper and songwriter, has carved out a unique path in the world of hip-hop, gaining recognition for his gritty lyrics and distinctive style. This timeline offers an in-depth look at his journey from his early life to his rise to prominence.

Early Life and Street Hustle

  • Date of Birth: Baka Not Nice, born Travis Savoury, entered this world on February 26, 1993, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Street Beginnings: Growing up in the tough neighborhoods of Toronto, Baka was exposed to street life from a young age.
  • Criminal Past: His early years were marked by involvement in criminal activities, leading to encounters with the law.

Turning Point and Music Discovery

  • 2014: Baka’s life takes a significant turn when he meets Canadian rapper Drake through mutual acquaintances.
  • Drake’s Influence: Drake recognizes Baka’s talent and invites him to be a part of his OVO Sound record label.
  • Musical Awakening: Baka Not Nice begins to explore his musical aspirations, fueled by his passion for storytelling.

Breakthrough and Notable Achievements

  • 2017: Releases his debut single, “Live Up to My Name,” which becomes an instant hit, earning him recognition in the hip-hop scene.
  • Collaboration with Drake: Baka collaborates with Drake on several tracks, solidifying his position within the OVO camp.
  • Mixtape Release: In 2018, he drops his debut mixtape, “4Milli,” further establishing his presence in the rap game.

Evolving Artistry

  • 2020: Continues to refine his craft and expand his musical horizons, experimenting with different sounds.
  • 2022: Teases new projects, hinting at a more personal and introspective side to his music.


Baka Not Nice’s discography includes:

  • Mixtapes:
    1. “4Milli” (2018)
  • Singles:
    1. “Live Up to My Name” (2017)
    2. Various collaborations with Drake and other artists.

OVO Sound Affiliation

Baka Not Nice is closely associated with the OVO Sound record label, founded by Drake. While he often collaborates with Drake, the specifics of his band members can vary depending on his live performances.

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