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Bakar, a British musician and songwriter, has captivated audiences with his genre-blending music and thought-provoking lyrics. His journey from humble beginnings to musical prominence is a testament to his talent and determination. This timeline offers a comprehensive look at his history and career.

Early Life and Musical Awakening

  • Birth: Bakar was born on September 12, 1995, in Camden, London, United Kingdom.
  • Musical Heritage: Growing up in a multicultural neighborhood, Bakar was exposed to diverse musical influences, shaping his eclectic sound.
  • Self-Taught Musician: As a teenager, he taught himself to play the guitar and started writing songs.

Introduction to the Music Scene

  • 2017: Bakar begins performing at local London venues, gaining recognition for his captivating live performances.
  • SoundCloud Debut: He releases his early tracks on SoundCloud, drawing attention for his unique blend of indie, rock, and hip-hop elements.
  • Breakout Single: The single “Big Dreams” becomes a hit on SoundCloud, marking a significant milestone in his budding career.

Breakthrough and Notable Achievements

  • 2018: Bakar releases his debut EP, “BADKID,” which garners critical acclaim and introduces his innovative sound to a wider audience.
  • Global Tours: He embarks on international tours, sharing stages with renowned artists and expanding his fanbase worldwide.
  • BBC Sound of 2019: Bakar is named on the longlist for the prestigious BBC Sound of 2019, further cementing his status as a rising star.

Full-Length Debut and Musical Exploration

  • 2019: Releases his debut studio album, “Will You Be My Yellow?,” showcasing his evolution as an artist.
  • Genre Fluidity: Bakar’s music continues to defy genre boundaries, incorporating elements of punk, R&B, and electronic music.
  • Collaborations: He collaborates with other boundary-pushing artists, adding depth and diversity to his discography.


Bakar’s discography includes the following releases:

  • Albums:
    1. “Will You Be My Yellow?” (2019)
  • mixtape
    1. “BADKID” (2018)
  • Singles:
    1. “Big Dreams”

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