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Baker Boy, an Indigenous Australian rapper and songwriter, has emerged as a significant figure in the Australian music scene, blending hip-hop with elements of his Yolngu culture. This timeline will delve into his remarkable journey, from his early years to his current status as a cultural icon.

Early Life and Cultural Roots

  • Birth: Baker Boy, whose real name is Danzal Baker, was born on October 20, 1996, in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
  • Proud Yolngu Heritage: Raised in the remote Yolngu homelands of Arnhem Land, he grew up immersed in the rich cultural traditions of his Indigenous community.
  • Multilingual Skills: Fluent in multiple Yolngu Matha languages, Baker Boy is committed to preserving and promoting Indigenous languages through his music.

Introduction to Hip-Hop and Dance

  • 2015: Baker Boy discovers his passion for hip-hop and dance, combining his cultural roots with modern artistic expressions.
  • Inaugural Tracks: He begins crafting his unique sound, releasing early tracks that incorporate traditional Yolngu instruments and storytelling.
  • National Indigenous Dance Competition: Wins the National Indigenous Hip-Hop Dance Championship, further fueling his artistic pursuits.

Breakthrough and Notable Achievements

  • 2017: Releases his debut single, “Cloud 9,” which becomes a sensation, showcasing his exceptional rhyming skills and charisma.
  • Young Australian of the Year: In 2019, Baker Boy is named the Young Australian of the Year for his contributions to music and Indigenous culture.
  • Collaborations: He collaborates with renowned artists and mentors, such as Yothu Yindi and Dallas Woods, to create impactful music.

Debut Album and Cultural Significance

  • 2019: Releases his debut album, “Gela,” which weaves together stories of his Yolngu heritage, personal experiences, and social commentary.
  • Awards and Recognition: “Gela” receives critical acclaim, winning awards and accolades, including the ARIA Award for Best Independent Release.
  • Educational Impact: Baker Boy’s music becomes a valuable educational resource, introducing Indigenous culture and languages to a wider audience.

Evolving Artistry and Activism

  • 2021: Continues to evolve as an artist, experimenting with new sounds and collaborating with diverse musicians.
  • Social Activism: Advocates for Indigenous rights and cultural preservation, using his platform to raise awareness about important issues.


Baker Boy’s discography includes the following releases:

  • Albums:
    1. “Gela” (2019)
  • Singles:
    1. “Cloud 9”

Baker Boy Crew

Baker Boy often collaborates with a group of talented musicians and dancers, collectively known as the “Baker Boy Crew.” While the specific members may change over time, this collective contributes to the vibrant energy of his live performances.

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