Balance And Composure Information

Balance and Composure, an American alternative rock band, has carved out a niche for themselves in the music scene with their distinctive blend of post-hardcore and shoegaze elements. This timeline offers an in-depth look at the band’s history, evolution, and significant milestones.

Formation and Early Years

  • Birth of the Band: Balance and Composure was formed in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, in 2007.
  • Influences: Drawing inspiration from bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Radiohead, they developed a sound that merged emotional intensity with atmospheric textures.
  • DIY Ethos: The band embraced a DIY approach, booking their own shows and releasing early EPs independently.

Debut Album and Building Momentum

  • 2011: Balance and Composure released their debut full-length album, “Separation,” which garnered critical acclaim and showcased their dynamic songwriting and emotive lyrics.
  • Growing Fanbase: Their music resonated with fans of various alternative rock subgenres, contributing to a dedicated and growing fanbase.
  • Tours and Festivals: The band embarked on extensive tours, performing at notable festivals and establishing themselves as a captivating live act.

Evolution and Artistic Maturation

  • 2013: The release of their second album, “The Things We Think We’re Missing,” marked a progression in their sound, with a focus on melody and introspection.
  • Positive Reception: The album received positive reviews from critics, solidifying their place in the alternative rock landscape.
  • Musical Range: Balance and Composure continued to experiment with their sound, incorporating elements of post-rock and shoegaze into their music.


Balance and Composure’s discography includes a range of albums and EPs, showcasing their evolution as musicians. Some of their notable releases include:

  • Albums:
    1. “Separation” (2011)
    2. “The Things We Think We’re Missing” (2013)
    3. “Light We Made” (2016)
  • EPs:
    1. “I Just Want to Be Pure” (2008)
    2. “Only Boundaries” (2011)
    3. “Acoustic” (2013)

Band Members

Throughout their career, Balance and Composure had a core lineup, with key members including:

  • Jon Simmons: Vocals, guitar
  • Erik Petersen: Guitar
  • Andy Slaymaker: Guitar
  • Matt Warner: Bass
  • Bailey Van Ellis: Drums

Maturation and Disbandment

  • “Light We Made”: The band’s third album, released in 2016, showcased a more experimental and nuanced approach to their music.
  • Hiatus and Disbandment: In 2019, Balance and Composure announced an indefinite hiatus, leaving fans with a collection of impactful music and memories.

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