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Bodysnatcher is a Florida-based deathcore band that has made a name for itself in the heavy music scene. Known for their punishing sound and relentless energy, the band has a history filled with significant moments and achievements. Here is a detailed history and timeline of Bodysnatcher:

Formation and Early Years (2014 – 2016)

  • 2014: Bodysnatcher is formed in the city of Lake Worth, Florida.
  • 2015: The band releases their debut EP, “Abandonment,” showcasing their brutal and aggressive style.
  • 2016: Bodysnatcher continues to build a local following through live performances and the release of new music.

Signing with Stay Sick Recordings (2017 – 2018)

  • 2017: Bodysnatcher signs with Stay Sick Recordings, a notable record label in the heavy music scene.
  • 2017: They release their debut full-length album, “Death of Me,” which receives positive reviews for its intensity and ferocity.
  • 2018: The band’s partnership with Stay Sick Recordings helps them reach a broader audience and expand their fan base.

“Rotten” and Continued Growth (2019 – 2020)

  • 2019: Bodysnatcher releases their sophomore album, “This Heavy Void,” which further solidifies their position in the deathcore genre.
  • 2019: The track “Rotten” from the album gains significant attention and becomes a fan favorite.
  • 2020: Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the band maintains their momentum through virtual performances and online engagement.

“Break the Cycle” and Musical Evolution (2021 – Present)

  • 2021: Bodysnatcher releases “Break the Cycle,” their third studio album. This album showcases a more mature and evolved sound while retaining their signature aggression.
  • 2021: The track “Ego Killer” from the album receives acclaim for its lyrical depth and heavy riffs.
  • Present: Bodysnatcher continues to tour, build their fan base, and explore new musical territories.


Bodysnatcher’s discography highlights their evolution as a band and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of deathcore. Some of their key releases include:

  1. “Abandonment” (2015) – Their debut EP, introducing their brutal sound.
  2. “Death of Me” (2017) – The band’s first full-length album, showcasing their intensity.
  3. “This Heavy Void” (2019) – A sophomore album that solidified their presence in the scene.
  4. “Break the Cycle” (2021) – An album that reflects their musical growth and evolution.


  • Kyle Medina – Vocals
  • Kyle Carter – Guitar
  • Chris Whited – Guitar
  • Jake Hillard – Bass
  • Scott Leslie – Drums

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