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Boo Seeka is an Australian electronic duo known for their unique blend of electronic, pop, and indie music. The duo’s history and timeline highlight their formation, rise to prominence, and their contributions to the Australian music scene.


  • 2015: Boo Seeka is formed in Sydney, Australia, by Ben Gumbleton and Michael May. The two musicians come from different musical backgrounds but share a passion for creating innovative sounds.
  • 2015: The duo releases their debut single “Kingdom Leader,” which introduces their signature style of combining electronic beats with soulful vocals and captivating melodies. The song garners attention and sets the tone for their future releases.
  • 2016: Boo Seeka releases their debut EP “Never Too Soon,” which features a collection of tracks that showcase their genre-blending approach to music. The EP receives positive reviews and gains them a growing fanbase.
  • 2017: Their debut album “Never Too Soon” is released, expanding on their unique sound and incorporating elements of hip-hop, reggae, and electronic music. The album features tracks like “Turn Up Your Light” and “Does This Last,” which become fan favorites.
  • 2018: The duo continues to tour extensively, performing at various festivals and venues in Australia and abroad. Their energetic live performances and ability to connect with audiences further solidify their reputation as a dynamic live act.
  • 2019: Boo Seeka releases their sophomore album “Never Too Soon,” which includes tracks like “Rush” and “Millennium Drive.” The album receives praise for its genre-defying nature and exploration of different sonic landscapes.
  • 2020: The duo remains active in the music scene, engaging with fans through live performances, online content, and collaborations with other artists.
  • 2021: Boo Seeka continues to evolve their sound, experimenting with new elements and pushing the boundaries of their creative expression.

Boo Seeka‘s music is characterized by its electronic production, soulful vocals, and a willingness to experiment with different genres.


  • Albums:
    1. Never Too Soon” (2017)
    2. Millennium Drive” (2019)


  • Ben Gumbleton (vocals, production)
  • Michael May (production)

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