Boonk Gang (John Gabbana) Information

Boonk Gang, whose real name is John Robert Hill Jr., is an American rapper and social media personality known for his controversial online presence and unique style. His history and timeline highlight his rise to fame through social media, his impact on popular culture, and his transition into the music industry.


  • 1996: Born on August 3 in Jacksonville, Florida, John Robert Hill Jr. grows up in a challenging environment, facing adversity and difficult circumstances.
  • 2017: He gains attention through his viral social media antics, which involve recording pranks, stunts, and other attention-grabbing actions. His “hit and run” videos and daring behavior quickly amass a large following on platforms like Instagram.
  • 2018: His alter ego “Boonk Gang” becomes widely recognized for his outrageous online behavior. He earns both fans and critics, sparking debates about the boundaries of online content and its impact on youth.
  • 2018: John Gabbana (Boonk Gang) begins his music career, releasing his debut single “Muttin,” which reflects his distinctive style and gritty delivery. Despite the controversy surrounding him, he gains attention in the music industry.
  • 2018: He releases his second single “Boonk Walk,” further showcasing his unique approach to rap music. The song’s catchy chorus and unapologetic lyrics contribute to his growing presence in the music scene.
  • 2019: Boonk Gang continues to release music, collaborating with other artists and experimenting with his sound. His music often reflects the same boldness and irreverence that characterizes his online persona.
  • 2020: He releases “Rap Demon,” a single that resonates with fans who appreciate his unfiltered and unpredictable style. His music videos often mirror his online persona, further blurring the lines between his social media presence and his music career.

Boonk Gang‘s journey from social media notoriety to music showcases his ability to leverage his online following to establish a presence in the music industry.


  • Singles:
    1. Muttin” (2018)
    2. Boonk Walk” (2018)
    3. Rap Demon” (2020)

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