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Borgeous, a prominent figure in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene, has established himself as a talented producer and DJ. His history and timeline highlight his evolution from a music enthusiast to a globally recognized artist known for his energetic tracks and electrifying live performances.


  • 1988: John Borger, later known as Borgeous, is born on October 18 in Miami, Florida. He grows up with a passion for music, influenced by a variety of genres.
  • 2013: Borgeous gains significant attention with the release of his track “Tsunami,” a collaboration with fellow producer DVBBS. The song becomes an instant hit and establishes his presence in the EDM world.
  • 2014: He releases his debut solo single “Invincible,” featuring vocals by Ruby Prophet. The song’s success solidifies his reputation as a talented producer with a unique sound.
  • 2014: Borgeous releases his debut extended play (EP), “Celebration,” which includes tracks like “Wildfire” and “Invincible.” The EP showcases his ability to blend melodic elements with high-energy drops.
  • 2015: His collaboration with Riggi & Piros, “Savage,” becomes a club favorite and further cements his status as a rising star in the EDM scene.
  • 2016: Borgeous releases his debut studio album, “13,” featuring tracks like “Young in Love” and “Ride It.” The album highlights his versatility as a producer and his willingness to experiment with different styles.
  • 2017: He releases the single “Coffee Can Money,” which incorporates elements of hip-hop into his EDM sound. The song showcases his ability to bridge genres and push creative boundaries.
  • 2018: Borgeous continues to release new music, collaborating with various artists and consistently delivering tracks that resonate with fans.
  • 2020s: He remains an active presence in the EDM scene, releasing music, performing at festivals and events, and engaging with his dedicated fanbase.

Borgeous‘s music is characterized by its energetic beats, captivating melodies, and the ability to create a euphoric atmosphere on the dancefloor.


  • Albums:
    1. 13” (2016)

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