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Born Of Osiris, a progressive metalcore powerhouse, has been a driving force in the modern metal scene with their intricate compositions and dynamic sound. Their history and timeline exemplify their evolution from a local band to an internationally recognized act known for their technical prowess and genre-blurring approach.


  • 2003: Formed in Palatine, Illinois, Born Of Osiris emerges with a lineup featuring Lee McKinney (guitar), Ronnie Canizaro (vocals), Joe Buras (keyboard, vocals), David Da Rocha (bass), and Cameron Losch (drums). The band’s unique blend of progressive metal and deathcore sets them apart.
  • 2007: The band gains attention with the release of their self-released EP, “The New Reign,” showcasing their technical prowess and innovative sound. The EP’s fusion of intricate guitar work, melodic keyboards, and aggressive vocals earns them a dedicated fanbase.
  • 2009: Born Of Osiris signs with Sumerian Records and releases their debut full-length album, “A Higher Place.” The album’s mixture of brutal breakdowns and progressive elements solidifies their reputation as a genre-defying act.
  • 2011: The band releases “The Discovery,” an album that further emphasizes their unique approach to metal. With tracks like “Follow the Signs” and “Recreate,” they continue to showcase their intricate musicianship.
  • 2013: The release of “Tomorrow We Die ∆live” showcases the band’s growth and willingness to experiment with different musical styles while maintaining their signature sound. The album’s ambitious arrangements and technical precision resonate with fans.
  • 2015: Joe Buras leaves the band, leading to a shift in their lineup. The departure doesn’t deter the band, and they release “Soul Sphere,” an album that delves into introspective themes and pushes the boundaries of their sound.
  • 2019: The band releases “Simulation,” an album that continues to explore their progressive tendencies while maintaining their heavy edge. The album’s themes reflect on technology and the human experience.
  • 2020s: Born Of Osiris remains active in the metal scene, consistently touring and engaging with their fanbase. Their music continues to evolve while staying true to their roots.


  • Albums:
    1. A Higher Place” (2009)
    2. The Discovery” (2011)
    3. Tomorrow We Die ∆live” (2013)
    4. Soul Sphere” (2015)
    5. The Simulation” (2019)


  • Lee McKinney (guitar)
  • Ronnie Canizaro (vocals)
  • David Da Rocha (bass)
  • Cameron Losch (drums)

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