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Born Ruffians, a Canadian indie rock band, has left an indelible mark on the alternative music scene with their energetic sound and infectious melodies. Their history and timeline trace the evolution of a band that began as college friends and went on to captivate audiences worldwide with their distinctive musical style.


  • 2004: Formed in Midland, Ontario, Born Ruffians consists of members Luke Lalonde (vocals, guitar), Mitch DeRosier (bass), and Steven Hamelin (drums). The band’s early days involve playing local shows and creating a buzz within the Toronto music scene.
  • 2006: The band gains attention with the release of their self-titled debut EP, which features tracks like “Hummingbird” and “This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life.” The EP’s blend of catchy hooks and raw energy sets the stage for their future success.
  • 2008: Born Ruffians releases their debut full-length album, “Red, Yellow & Blue.” The album’s quirky lyrics, rhythmic guitar riffs, and dynamic percussion resonate with fans and critics alike, establishing them as a band to watch.
  • 2010: The band follows up with the release of “Say It,” an album that further refines their sound. Tracks like “What to Say” and “Sole Brother” showcase their ability to create infectious indie rock anthems.
  • 2013: Born Ruffians releases their third album, “Birthmarks.” The album incorporates more experimental elements while retaining their signature charm. The album’s singles, including “Needle” and “6-5000,” receive positive reviews.
  • 2015: The band’s fourth album, “RUFF,” demonstrates their growth and evolution. The album’s themes explore love, relationships, and the passage of time, and it features standout tracks like “We Made It” and “Don’t Live Up.”
  • 2018: Born Ruffians releases “Uncle, Duke & The Chief,” an album that showcases a return to their roots. The album’s more stripped-down approach highlights their songwriting and melodies, with tracks like “Love Too Soon” and “Miss You.”
  • 2020s: The band continues to release new music, explore new sonic territories, and connect with their dedicated fanbase through their captivating live performances.


  • Albums:
    1. Red, Yellow & Blue” (2008)
    2. Say It” (2010)
    3. Birthmarks” (2013)
    4. RUFF” (2015)
    5. Uncle, Duke & The Chief” (2018)


  • Luke Lalonde (vocals, guitar)
  • Mitch DeRosier (bass)
  • Steven Hamelin (drums)

Born Ruffians‘ trajectory from local favorites to indie rock stalwarts reflects their commitment to crafting music that resonates with audiences around the world.

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