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Bosh is a French rapper who hails from Eure-et-Loir and grew up in Plaisir, Yvelines (78). He initially gained recognition as an actor in the web series “Dans le kartier” before transitioning into a successful solo music career. This article will delve into the history and timeline of Bosh’s career, his discography, and the members of his musical journey.

Early Life and Acting Career

Bosh, whose real name is Youri Djorkaeff Jr., was born in Eure-et-Loir, France. Growing up in Plaisir, Yvelines, he had a passion for both acting and music from a young age. He first made a name for himself as an actor, starring in the web series “Dans le kartier.” This early foray into the entertainment industry laid the foundation for his future endeavors in music.

Emergence as a Solo Artist

Bosh embarked on his solo music career with the release of his debut project, “Dos argent,” in June 2018. This marked a significant step in his journey as he transitioned from acting to pursuing his passion for music. “Dos argent” showcased his talent as a rapper and began to garner attention in the French music scene.

The “Synkinisi” Project

Continuing his musical journey, Bosh released “Synkinisi” in March 2020. This project further solidified his place in the French rap scene and demonstrated his growth as an artist. “Synkinisi” featured tracks that resonated with a wide audience and showcased Bosh’s lyrical prowess.

Role in “Validé” Series

Bosh’s artistic versatility extended beyond music. He obtained a role in the series “Validé,” directed by Franck Gastambide and broadcast on Canal+. The series featured other notable artists, including Hatik, with whom Bosh shares a close connection. His participation in “Validé” added another dimension to his career, showcasing his acting skills to a broader audience.

Breakthrough with “Djomb”

Bosh’s career experienced a significant turning point in June 2020 when he released the track “Djomb.” The song quickly gained traction and became a viral sensation on social media platforms. Its popularity propelled Bosh into the international spotlight, as “Djomb” climbed into Spotify’s top 100 worldwide charts. The track also achieved platinum certification, solidifying Bosh’s status as a rising star in the music industry.


  1. “Dos argent” (June 2018)
  2. “Synkinisi” (March 2020)

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