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Boston is an iconic rock band known for their timeless sound and revolutionary impact on the music industry. Let’s explore the captivating history and timeline of this legendary band, highlighting pivotal moments that have left an indelible mark on rock music.


  • 1969: Tom Scholz, an MIT engineering student, starts working on a prototype for a guitar amplifier. He develops innovative sound technology that will later define Boston’s signature sound.
  • 1970s: Tom Scholz teams up with singer Brad Delp to form Boston. They record demos that eventually catch the attention of record labels.
  • 1976: Boston releases their eponymous debut album, which becomes a sensation. Hits like “More Than a Feeling,” “Peace of Mind,” and “Foreplay/Long Time” showcase their harmonious vocals and layered guitar arrangements.
  • 1977: The band releases “Don’t Look Back,” their sophomore album, which features the title track and reaffirms their position in the rock landscape.
  • 1986: Boston releases “Third Stage,” their third album, after a lengthy hiatus. The album’s success cements their status as a force to be reckoned with.
  • 2002: Boston releases “Corporate America,” featuring modern rock elements and a reflection of the changing times.
  • 2007: Tragedy strikes as Brad Delp, the iconic lead vocalist, passes away. The band and fans mourn the loss of his extraordinary voice.
  • 2013: Boston releases “Life, Love & Hope,” marking their return to the music scene with a mix of new tracks and re-recorded classics.


  • Albums:
    1. Boston” (1976)
    2. Don’t Look Back” (1978)
    3. Third Stage” (1986)
    4. Walk On” (1994)
    5. Corporate America” (2002)
    6. Life, Love & Hope” (2013)


  • Tom Scholz – Guitar, keyboard, and songwriter
  • Brad Delp – Lead vocals, guitar
  • Barry Goudreau – Guitar
  • Fran Sheehan – Bass
  • Sib Hashian – Drums (early years)
  • Gary Pihl – Guitar, keyboards (joined in the 1980s)
  • David Victor – Lead vocals, guitar (joined in the 2000s)

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