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Boston Manor is a British rock band that has made a significant impact on the music scene with their emotive and genre-blending sound. Let’s explore the history and timeline of the band, highlighting key moments that have shaped their journey.


  • 2013: Boston Manor forms in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, bringing together members with a shared passion for music and a desire to create something unique.
  • 2015: The band releases their debut EP, “Here/Now,” showcasing their blend of pop-punk and alternative rock elements.
  • 2016: Boston Manor signs with Pure Noise Records, a move that provides them with a platform to share their music with a wider audience.
  • 2016: Their debut album, “Be Nothing.,” is released to critical acclaim. The album’s introspective lyrics and powerful melodies resonate with fans, establishing the band’s signature sound.
  • 2017: The band embarks on extensive touring, gaining a reputation for their energetic live performances and strong connection with their audience.
  • 2018: Welcome to the Neighbourhood, their sophomore album, is released. This album takes a darker turn, delving into themes of societal issues and personal struggles.
  • 2020: Glue, their third album, showcases their evolution by incorporating electronic elements and pushing the boundaries of their sound.


  • Albums:
    • Be Nothing.” (2016)
    • Welcome to the Neighbourhood” (2018)
    • Glue” (2020)


  • Henry Cox (Vocals)
  • Mike Cunniff (Guitar)
  • Dan Cunniff (Bass)
  • Jordan Pugh (Drums)
  • Ash Wilson (Guitar)

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