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Botch is a legendary band in the realm of hardcore and mathcore, known for their innovative and influential approach to heavy music. Delving into their history and timeline unveils their impact on the genre and their lasting legacy.


  • 1993: Botch forms in Tacoma, Washington, with members sharing a vision for pushing the boundaries of hardcore music.
  • 1995: The band releases their debut demo, showcasing their chaotic and experimental sound that blends hardcore punk with intricate math-rock elements.
  • 1997: Botch releases their first full-length album, “American Nervoso,” which receives critical acclaim for its technical prowess and emotional intensity.
  • 1998: The band embarks on a European tour, gaining an international following and spreading their unique brand of hardcore to new audiences.
  • 2000: We Are the Romans, their second album, solidifies their reputation as pioneers of mathcore. The album’s complex structures and aggressive energy continue to influence bands in the genre.
  • 2002: Botch announces their breakup, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and a significant impact on the hardcore and mathcore scenes.


  • Albums:
    • American Nervoso” (1997)
    • We Are the Romans” (2000)


  • Dave Knudson (Guitar)
  • Tim Latona (Bass)
  • Brian Cook (Bass)
  • Dave Verellen (Vocals)
  • Tim Latona (Drums)
  • Matthew Johnson (Drums)

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