Boulevard Depo Information

Boulevard Depo is a prominent figure in the Russian hip-hop and trap scene, known for his distinctive style, intricate wordplay, and thought-provoking lyrics. His history and timeline reflect his rise to prominence and his impact on the Russian music landscape.


  • 1991: Boulevard Depo is born, laying the foundation for his future as a rapper and songwriter.
  • 2013: He starts gaining attention with his early releases on SoundCloud, showcasing his unique flow, clever wordplay, and introspective themes.
  • 2016: Boulevard Depo releases his debut album, “Youth,” which receives acclaim for its fresh approach to Russian hip-hop and its exploration of societal issues.
  • 2018: He releases the album “White Russian,” which further solidifies his status as a leading figure in the Russian trap scene. The album’s themes delve into personal experiences, struggles, and cultural observations.
  • 2020: Boulevard Depo continues to push boundaries with his album “NYAIRO,” blending trap, experimental sounds, and emotive storytelling.


  • Albums:
    • Youth” (2016)
    • White Russian” (2018)
    • NYAIRO” (2020)

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