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Bowling For Soup, a pop-punk band known for their catchy melodies, humorous lyrics, and energetic performances, have left an enduring mark on the music scene. Formed in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1994, the band’s journey from local gigs to international fame is a testament to their fun-loving spirit and relatable music.


  • 1994: The band is formed with members Jaret Reddick (vocals/guitar), Chris Burney (guitar), Erik Chandler (bass), and Gary Wiseman (drums).
  • 1997: Their self-titled debut album “Bowling For Soup” is released, setting the tone for their humorous and infectious pop-punk sound.
  • 1998: The band releases their second album “Rock On Honorable Ones!!!,” showcasing their signature style and witty lyrics.
  • 2000: Their album “Let’s Do It for Johnny!” includes the hit single “The Bitch Song,” which gains significant radio play.
  • 2002: Bowling For Soup releases “Drunk Enough to Dance,” featuring their most recognizable hit “Girl All the Bad Guys Want,” which earns them mainstream success.
  • 2004: The album “A Hangover You Don’t Deserve” includes hits like “1985” and solidifies their popularity.
  • 2006: The band releases the album “The Great Burrito Extortion Case,” which features their characteristic blend of humor and music.
  • 2010s: Bowling For Soup continues releasing albums and staying connected with fans through their energetic performances and relatable lyrics.
  • 2020: The band’s enduring popularity is evident as they celebrate their 25th anniversary with a series of special events and releases.


  • Studio Albums:
    • Bowling For Soup” (1994)
    • Cell Mates” (1996)
    • Rock On Honorable Ones!!!” (1998)
    • Let’s Do It for Johnny!” (2000)
    • Drunk Enough to Dance” (2002)
    • A Hangover You Don’t Deserve” (2004)
    • The Great Burrito Extortion Case” (2006)
    • Sorry for Partyin’” (2009)
    • Fishin’ for Woos” (2011)
    • Lunch. Drunk. Love.” (2013)
    • Drunk Dynasty” (2016)
    • Drunk Dynasty” (2018)
    • Drunk Dynasty” (2021)


  • Jaret Reddick (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Chris Burney (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Erik Chandler (Bass, Vocals)
  • Gary Wiseman (Drums, 1994-1998)

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