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Boy Hits Car, a unique and dynamic alternative rock band, has left a distinctive mark on the music scene with their emotional lyrics, energetic performances, and thought-provoking themes. The band’s journey is one of passion, perseverance, and artistic growth.


  • 1993: Boy Hits Car was formed in Los Angeles, California, by Cregg Rondell (vocals/guitar), Bill Gower (bass), Mike Lustig (guitar), and Johnny Ransom (drums). The band’s name was inspired by a news headline about a car accident involving a boy.
  • 1998: The band began gaining attention in the local music scene, playing gigs and developing their sound which fused elements of post-grunge, alternative rock, and emo.
  • 2001: Boy Hits Car released their self-titled debut album, “Boy Hits Car,” featuring tracks like “As I Watch the Sun F,” which showcased their emotional intensity and melodic sensibilities.
  • 2003: The band released their sophomore album, “My Animal,” which further solidified their place in the alternative rock landscape. The album explored themes of spirituality and self-discovery.
  • 2004: Boy Hits Car’s song “I’m a Cloud” was included in the soundtrack of the video game “Tony Hawk’s Underground 2.”
  • 2005: The album “The Passage” was released, highlighting the band’s continued musical growth and introspective songwriting.
  • 2008: Boy Hits Car released “The Rebirth,” an album that delved into themes of transformation and rebirth, both musically and lyrically.
  • 2011: The band’s album “Stealing Fire” was released, featuring tracks like “The Sound of a Breaking Heart” that showcased their evolution in sound and storytelling.
  • 2015: Boy Hits Car continued to perform live shows and maintain a dedicated fanbase despite limited mainstream recognition.
  • 2020: The band released the single “Love Core,” signaling their return with new music that retained their distinctive style.


  • Boy Hits Car” (2001)
  • My Animal” (2003)
  • The Passage” (2005)
  • The Rebirth” (2008)
  • Stealing Fire” (2011)


  • Cregg Rondell – Lead Vocals and Guitar
  • Scott “Scooter” Nelson – Bass Guitar and Vocals
  • Mike “The Professor” Mastrangelo – Lead Guitar and Vocals
  • Tristan “T-Rex” McElwee – Drums and Percussion

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