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Boy In Space is a captivating artist who has carved out a unique space in the music industry with his heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies, and genre-blending sound. His journey is one of creative exploration, vulnerability, and artistic evolution.


  • 1995: Born Robin Lundbäck in Sweden, Boy In Space developed a passion for music from a young age, playing multiple instruments and experimenting with different genres.
  • 2018: Boy In Space began releasing music, gaining initial attention with his single “Cold.” His music quickly caught the ears of listeners around the world, drawing them in with his relatable lyrics and emotive vocals.
  • 2019: The artist gained significant recognition with the release of “7UP,” which showcased his ability to seamlessly blend pop, electronic, and alternative elements.
  • 2020: Boy In Space continued to make waves in the music scene with singles like “On A Prayer” and “Dance Alone,” establishing himself as a rising star.
  • 2021: The artist released the song “Remember Me,” featuring Landon Cube, further demonstrating his knack for creating emotionally resonant tracks.


  • Cold” (2018)
  • 7UP” (2019)
  • On A Prayer” (2020)
  • Dance Alone” (2020)
  • Remember Me” (2021) featuring Landon Cube

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