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BoybandPH is a Filipino boy band that has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts with their harmonious vocals, captivating performances, and dynamic energy. Assembled through a reality television competition, the group has risen to prominence in the Philippine music scene, delivering pop music that resonates with a wide audience.


  • 2016: BoybandPH is formed on the reality TV show “Pinoy Boyband Superstar,” where Ford Valencia, Niel Murillo, Russell Reyes, Tristan Ramirez, and Joao Constancia are selected as members through viewer voting.
  • 2016: Shortly after forming, BoybandPH releases their debut single “Unli,” which becomes an instant hit and garners significant attention from fans and music enthusiasts.
  • 2017: The group releases their debut self-titled album, “BoybandPH,” which features a collection of pop and R&B tracks that showcase their vocal prowess and versatility.
  • 2017: BoybandPH holds their first major concert titled “BoybandPH: The Reunion,” where they showcase their stage presence and perform to an enthusiastic crowd.
  • 2018: The single “Hanggang Kailan Kaya” is released, further solidifying BoybandPH’s place in the Philippine music industry.
  • 2019: The group releases their second album, “Love, BoybandPH,” which features a diverse range of tracks that explore themes of love and relationships.
  • 2020: Despite facing challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, BoybandPH continues to connect with their fans through online performances and virtual events.


  • BoybandPH” (2017)
  • Love, BoybandPH” (2019)


  • Ford Valencia
  • Niel Murillo
  • Russell Reyes
  • Tristan Ramirez
  • Joao Constancia

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