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Boyz n Da Hood is a hip-hop group that emerged from the vibrant Atlanta rap scene, bringing their distinctive Southern sound to the forefront of the music industry. Their journey is a testament to the influence of regional styles on hip-hop and their impact on the genre’s evolution.


  • 2004: The group was formed with members Jody Breeze, Big Duke, Big Gee, and Diddy, who later left the group.
  • 2005: Boyz n Da Hood’s self-titled debut album was released under Bad Boy South and Block Entertainment. The album showcased their gritty and raw sound, reflecting the realities of their environment. Hits like “Dem Boyz” and “Felonies” garnered attention and established their presence in the rap scene.
  • 2007: The group released their sophomore album, “Back Up n Da Chevy,” which featured tracks like “Everybody Know Me” and “We Ready.” The album further solidified their status in the Southern hip-hop landscape.
  • 2008: Following lineup changes, including the departure of Diddy and other members, Boyz n Da Hood underwent a transition. They released “Welcome to Atlanta: The Mixtape” as a way to reconnect with their audience and introduce new material.
  • 2017: Boyz n Da Hood continued to make sporadic appearances and performed at various events, reminding fans of their impact on the rap scene.


  • Boyz n Da Hood” (2005)
  • Back Up n Da Chevy” (2007)
  • Welcome to Atlanta: The Mixtape” (2008)


  • Jody Breeze (2004-2008)
  • Big Duke (2004-2008)
  • Big Gee (2004-2008)
  • Diddy (2004-2005)

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