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Branco, also known as Benny Branco, has carved out a significant niche for himself in the Danish rap scene. He is renowned as one half of the militant duo MellemFingaMuzik and as one of the four members of the rap group Molo. His rise to prominence can be traced through a timeline of key events and milestones in his career.

Early Beginnings and Formation of MellemFingaMuzik

Branco’s journey in the world of Danish rap began when he teamed up with Stepz to form the duo MellemFingaMuzik. The pivotal moment came with the release of their debut album, “Militant Mentalitet,” in 2015. This album served as their big breakthrough in the Danish rap scene and marked the inception of their collaboration.

Breakthrough Collaborations

Following the release of “Militant Mentalitet,” Branco and Stepz gained widespread recognition in the Danish music scene. They achieved this through notable collaborations, such as their contributions to Gilli’s track “C’est la vie” and Sleiman’s “Bomaye.” These features catapulted MellemFingaMuzik into the limelight and solidified their status as emerging rap talents.

Solo Ventures Begin

While Branco had primarily focused on tracks featuring MellemFingaMuzik up until 2018, this year marked a significant turning point. It was in 2018 that Branco took his first steps into the realm of solo releases. Notably, he lent his lyrical prowess to NODE’s “Carnalismo” and A’typisk’s “Pengeseddel,” showcasing his versatility as an artist and establishing his presence beyond the confines of the duo.

The Birth of Branco’s Solo Career

In 2019, Branco embarked on his solo career in earnest, signaling a new chapter in his musical journey. He kicked off this phase with the debut single “Freedom,” a track that allowed him to express his individual artistic vision. The release of “Freedom” served as a precursor to his full-length debut album, “BABA BUSINESS,” which featured 16 tracks and showcased Branco’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities.


Branco’s discography is a testament to his growth and evolution as an artist. Here are some of his notable releases:

  1. “Militant Mentalitet” (2015) – The debut album by MellemFingaMuzik, which marked Branco’s entry into the Danish rap scene.
  2. Collaborations with Gilli and Sleiman – Branco’s features on tracks like “C’est la vie” and “Bomaye” contributed to his rising prominence.
  3. “Carnalismo” and “Pengeseddel” (2018) – Branco’s first solo ventures, where he showcased his lyrical skills.
  4. “Freedom” (2019) – Branco’s debut solo single, setting the stage for his solo career.
  5. “BABA BUSINESS” (2019) – Branco’s 16-track debut solo album, showcasing his storytelling and musical versatility.

MellemFingaMuzik and Molo Members

Branco’s career is closely intertwined with his collaborations in MellemFingaMuzik and Molo. Here are the members of these groups:


  • Branco (Benny Branco)
  • Stepz


  • Branco (Benny Branco)
  • Stepz
  • [Other members’ names]

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