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Brantley Gilbert is a renowned American country rock artist known for his distinctive blend of country storytelling and rock-infused sound. Born on January 20, 1985, in Jefferson, Georgia, Gilbert’s musical journey is characterized by his authenticity, relatable lyrics, and his impact on the modern country music scene.

Gilbert’s passion for music emerged early in life, and he began performing in local venues while still in high school. His unique approach to country music, influenced by his love for both country and rock genres, set him apart as a rising star. In 2009, he released his debut album, “Modern Day Prodigal Son”, which introduced his gritty vocals and the fusion of country and rock elements that would become his signature style.

His breakthrough came with his sophomore album, “Halfway to Heaven”, released in 2010. The album produced hits like “Country Must Be Country Wide” and “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do”, which showcased Gilbert’s ability to capture the essence of small-town life and relationships through his lyrics. The album’s success solidified his status as a rising country artist with a unique edge.

In 2012, Gilbert released his third album, “Halfway to Heaven (Deluxe Edition)”, which included re-recorded tracks and additional songs. The album’s deluxe edition featured hits like “Kick It in the Sticks” and “More Than Miles”, further establishing Gilbert’s reputation for crafting anthems that resonate with both country and rock fans.

Gilbert’s career continued to ascend with the release of his fourth album, “Just as I Am”, in 2014. The album’s lead single, “Bottoms Up”, became a massive hit, topping the country charts and introducing his energetic, party-oriented sound to a wider audience. The album showcased Gilbert’s versatility, as he seamlessly transitioned between heartfelt ballads and up-tempo tracks.

In 2017, Gilbert released his fifth album, “The Devil Don’t Sleep”, which continued to explore themes of personal growth, resilience, and his unique perspective on life. The album’s title track and singles like “The Ones That Like Me” maintained his reputation for creating music that connects with listeners on a visceral level.


  1. “Modern Day Prodigal Son” (2009)
  2. “Halfway to Heaven” (2010)
  3. “Halfway to Heaven (Deluxe Edition)” (2012)
  4. “Just as I Am” (2014)
  5. “The Devil Don’t Sleep” (2017)
  6. “Fire & Brimstone” (2019)

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