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Breakbot, the stage name of French electronic music producer and DJ Thibaut Berland, has carved a unique space in the music scene with his distinct blend of funk, disco, and electronic elements. Born on October 5, 1981, in Paris, France, Breakbot’s journey in the world of music is marked by his innovative sound, memorable tracks, and contributions to the nu-disco and French house genres.

Breakbot’s foray into music began with a strong passion for art and design. He pursued studies in computer graphics, which eventually led him to experiment with creating music using various digital tools. This creative exploration laid the foundation for his later musical endeavors.

His breakthrough came in 2008 with the release of his single “Happy Up Here”, which garnered attention for its infectious disco-inspired sound. This early success set the stage for Breakbot’s trajectory as an electronic music artist who fuses retro influences with modern production techniques.

In 2010, Breakbot released the hit single “Baby I’m Yours”, featuring vocals from Irfane. The track’s soulful melodies, funky basslines, and nostalgic vibe captured the hearts of listeners and cemented Breakbot’s status as a pioneer in the nu-disco movement. The accompanying music video, featuring unique stop-motion animation, further showcased Breakbot’s artistic vision.

Breakbot’s debut album, “By Your Side”, was released in 2012. The album was a testament to his ability to craft intricate tracks that seamlessly blend electronic beats with elements of funk and disco. Songs like “One Out of Two” and “Fantasy” demonstrated his knack for creating dancefloor anthems that resonate with a wide range of audiences.

The success of his debut album led to collaborations with renowned artists such as Justice and Chromeo, further solidifying Breakbot’s reputation as a respected figure in the electronic music scene. His remixes for tracks by artists like Daft Punk and Metronomy showcased his unique reinterpretations of established hits.

In 2016, Breakbot released his second album, “Still Waters”, which continued to showcase his evolution as an artist. The album featured collaborations with artists like Ruckazoid and Delafleur, highlighting Breakbot’s ability to infuse his music with diverse influences while maintaining his signature style.

Breakbot’s music transcends boundaries, drawing inspiration from various genres and eras. His releases often feature a fusion of electronic, disco, funk, and pop elements, resulting in tracks that are both nostalgic and innovative.


  1. “By Your Side” (2012)
  2. “Still Waters” (2016)

Breakbot’s artistry extends beyond his music, with a distinctive visual aesthetic that complements his sonic creations. His music videos and album artwork are often characterized by vibrant colors, retro-inspired designs, and a playful sense of nostalgia.

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