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In the bustling city of Sydney in 2018, two talented individuals, Sean Walker (formerly of MOVEMENT) and Andrew Grant (a proficient recording/mix engineer), decided to merge their expertise and passion for music. This union marked the birth of the Australian band, breathe.

The Sound and Influence

Breathe’s music is a testament to raw emotion, echoing both darkness and light. Their distinct sound can be described as a minimalistic fusion, marked by exposed drums, a dominant bassline, and smooth vocals. It’s a sublime mixture of soul and electronic beats, crafting an auditory experience that tugs at the heartstrings while being cutting-edge.

The Power of Collaboration

The core of breathe is its belief in collaboration. While Sean and Andrew serve as the nucleus, they’ve reached across oceans to work with talented musicians and vocalists from cities like London, Toronto, and New York. This global collaboration brings an eclectic and diverse influence to their tracks, making every song unique yet tied together by the signature breathe touch.

The Visual Experience

Not just curators of sound, breathe are maestros of visuals. The duo understands the profound connection between audio and visual sensations, ensuring that their music is complemented by imagery that is both mysterious and eerily familiar. Their music videos and album covers often invoke a sense of nostalgia, juxtaposed with a modern twist.

Rising Popularity

Breathe, though a relatively new entrant in the music world, has quickly carved a niche for themselves. Their unique blend of sounds, coupled with their emphasis on collaboration, has caught the attention of music enthusiasts not just in Australia but globally. Their concerts often see fans losing themselves in the immersive world breathe creates, a world that feels both new and known.

Looking Ahead

With their foundation firmly set, the future looks promising for breathe. Fans and critics alike wait with bated breath for their next release, confident that the duo will continue to push boundaries and surprise them, all while staying true to their roots.


  • Sean Walker – Formerly of MOVEMENT, he brings his rich experience and unique style to breathe.
  • Andrew Grant – A seasoned recording/mix engineer, Andrew’s technical prowess complements Sean’s artistry perfectly.

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