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Brett Eldredge is an American country music singer and songwriter known for his soulful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and dynamic stage presence. Born on March 23, 1986, in Paris, Illinois, Eldredge has carved a unique path in the country music scene, blending traditional influences with a contemporary sound that resonates with fans of all ages.

Eldredge’s passion for music was ignited at an early age. Growing up in a family with musical inclinations, he was exposed to various genres and instruments. His love for country music was cultivated by listening to legends like Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra. This diverse musical upbringing would later influence his own sound, characterized by a mix of traditional country, pop, and soul elements.

Eldredge’s journey in the music industry began with a move to Nashville, Tennessee, where he pursued his dream of becoming a successful country artist. His relentless dedication paid off when he signed with the label Atlantic Records in 2010. This marked the start of a new chapter in his career, and he quickly began making waves in the country music scene.


  1. “Bring You Back” (2013) – Album
  2. “Illinois” (2015) – Album
  3. “Brett Eldredge” (2017) – Album
  4. “Sunday Drive” (2020) – Album

Eldredge’s debut single, “Raymond”, was released in 2010 and showcased his ability to tell poignant stories through his music. However, it was his breakthrough hit, “Don’t Ya”, that gained him widespread recognition and earned him his first Top 10 hit on the country charts. The single’s success was a testament to Eldredge’s captivating vocals and relatable songwriting.

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Eldredge’s debut album, “Bring You Back”, was released in 2013, introducing his fresh and energetic take on country music. The album featured hits like “Beat of the Music” and “Mean to Me”, which showcased his ability to infuse his music with both romantic balladry and uptempo tracks perfect for a night out.

His follow-up album, “Illinois” (2015), further solidified his status as a rising country star. The album’s title track, along with singles like “Lose My Mind” and “Drunk on Your Love”, resonated with fans and demonstrated Eldredge’s versatility as a performer and songwriter. The album’s success marked another milestone in his growing career.

Eldredge’s self-titled album, “Brett Eldredge” (2017), was a departure from his previous releases, showcasing a more introspective and vulnerable side of his artistry. The lead single, “Somethin’ I’m Good At”, introduced a playful and self-aware side of his personality, while tracks like “The Long Way” and “Love Someone” delved into deeper emotional themes.

In 2020, Eldredge released “Sunday Drive”, an album that marked a departure from his usual country sound and explored a more introspective and nostalgic vibe. The album showcased his growth as an artist and his willingness to experiment with different musical styles while staying true to his roots.

Brett Eldredge’s journey in the music industry is characterized by his unwavering dedication to his craft, his ability to evolve as an artist, and his genuine connection with his fans. His soulful vocals, combined with his relatable lyrics, have earned him a special place in the hearts of country music enthusiasts.

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