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Brojob, a controversial and provocative deathcore band, has garnered attention for their explicit lyrics, shocking imagery, and unconventional approach to music. Their history is marked by a deliberate desire to challenge norms and provoke reactions from audiences and the music industry alike.

Formation and Unconventional Beginnings: Formed in 2015, Brojob consists of a group of anonymous members who hide behind pseudonyms such as “Shovel” and “Beefcake.” The band’s name itself is a play on words that intentionally elicits reactions and captures attention. From the outset, Brojob made it clear that they were not going to conform to traditional standards of music or image.

Provocation and Controversy: Brojob’s history is marked by their deliberate desire to provoke, shock, and confront societal norms. From their explicit lyrics to their album artwork and promotional material, they challenge traditional expectations of music.

Confrontational Album Titles and Themes: The titles of their albums, such as “Makin’ America Great Again” and “Suggested Use by Professionals”, are deliberately chosen to provoke reactions and challenge political and social narratives.

Hidden Identities and Provocative Imagery: The band’s decision to conceal their true identities adds an element of mystery to their image. Their provocative album covers and imagery often feature controversial themes that align with their intention to incite discussions.

Fan Engagement and Polarizing Reactions: Brojob’s approach has garnered them a polarized following. Some fans are drawn to their unapologetic defiance of norms, while others criticize them for their explicit content and perceived lack of seriousness.

Cultural Critique and Self-Awareness: Despite the provocative nature of their content, Brojob occasionally touches on themes of cultural critique and self-awareness. Their approach can be interpreted as a commentary on the music industry, societal expectations, and the power of shock value.

Impact on the Genre: Brojob’s existence has challenged the conventions of the deathcore genre, which typically centers around aggressive music and dark themes. Their willingness to push boundaries has opened discussions about artistic freedom and expression.

Criticism and Ethical Considerations: Brojob’s content has faced backlash from those who find their lyrics offensive and their imagery inappropriate. Critics argue that their approach may contribute to a culture of insensitivity and objectification.

Unpredictable Future: As Brojob continues to exist within the extreme music scene, their legacy remains unpredictable. Their history serves as a reminder that music can be a powerful tool for both artistic expression and provocation, raising questions about the role of boundaries in the creative process.

Timeline of Key Events:

  • 2015: Brojob releases their first EP, “Talk Shit Get Kissed”, which sets the tone for their provocative and boundary-pushing approach. The EP features explicit lyrics and themes that became a hallmark of their style.
  • 2016: The band releases their debut album, “Makin’ America Great Again”, further solidifying their reputation for pushing boundaries. The album’s themes and imagery are intentionally controversial and confrontational.
  • 2017: Brojob releases the EP “The Grind EP”, which continues their approach of mixing explicit lyrics with heavy music. The band’s shock value and controversial content attract both criticism and attention from fans and the industry.
  • 2018: They release their second full-length album, “Suggested Use by Professionals”, which continues their provocative style and further establishes their identity as a band that challenges norms.


  • “Talk Shit Get Kissed” (2015)
  • “Makin’ America Great Again” (2016)
  • “The Grind EP” (2017)
  • “Suggested Use by Professionals” (2018)

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