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Broken Social Scene, a Canadian indie rock collective known for their expansive soundscapes and collaborative approach, has left an indelible mark on the music scene. Founded in 1999 in Toronto, the band’s history is characterized by their genre-blurring music, shifting lineups, and profound influence on the indie rock landscape.

Broken Social Scene was formed in 1999 by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, who were seeking an outlet for their musical creativity and a space to collaborate with other musicians. The band’s name was inspired by the idea of creating a “broken social scene” where artists could come together and create something meaningful.


  • 2001: Broken Social Scene released their debut album, “Feel Good Lost”, which showcased their penchant for lush instrumental arrangements and sonic experimentation.
  • 2002: The band gained recognition with their second album, “You Forgot It in People”, which received critical acclaim and introduced listeners to their signature sound. The album included tracks like “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl” and “Almost Crimes”.
  • 2005: Broken Social Scene released their self-titled album, featuring contributions from a rotating cast of musicians. The album further solidified their reputation for collaborative songwriting and intricate arrangements.
  • 2010s: The band continued to release albums, including “Forgiveness Rock Record” (2010) and “Hug of Thunder” (2017), maintaining their unique blend of indie rock, pop, and experimental elements.
  • 2020s: Broken Social Scene remains active, with a dedicated fanbase and ongoing engagement in the indie music scene.


  • “Feel Good Lost” (2001)
  • “You Forgot It in People” (2002)
  • “Broken Social Scene” (2005)
  • “Forgiveness Rock Record” (2010)
  • “Hug of Thunder” (2017)


  • Kevin Drew: Founding member, vocals, guitar
  • Brendan Canning: Founding member, vocals, guitar
  • Emily Haines: Vocals, keyboards (Metric)
  • Feist: Vocals, guitar
  • Amy Millan: Vocals, guitar (Stars)
  • Charles Spearin: Guitar, trumpet
  • Justin Peroff: Drums
  • Andrew Whiteman: Guitar, vocals
  • Lisa Lobsinger: Vocals

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