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BRONSON, a dynamic electronic music duo, has created a unique sonic identity by fusing different genres and styles. Comprising Odesza and Golden Features, the collaboration between these two acclaimed artists has resulted in a compelling musical journey that captivates listeners.


  • 2019: The partnership of Odesza (Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight) and Golden Features (Tom Stell) gave birth to BRONSON. The duo’s aim was to explore a diverse range of sounds while blending their individual musical sensibilities.
  • 2020: BRONSON released their self-titled debut album, “BRONSON”, which showcased their collaborative prowess. The album featured tracks like “HEART ATTACK”, “VAULTS”, and “DAWN”, each blending electronic, house, and alternative elements. The album’s fusion of genres led to critical acclaim and a growing fan base.


  • “BRONSON” (2020) – Album


  • Harrison Mills (Odesza)
  • Clayton Knight (Odesza)
  • Tom Stell (Golden Features)

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