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Brotha Lynch Hung, an influential figure in the world of horrorcore rap, has carved a unique niche within the hip-hop genre. With his dark and intense storytelling, he has left a lasting impact on listeners and has built a dedicated fanbase. Born Kevin Danell Mann on January 10, 1969, in Sacramento, California, his journey through the music industry has been marked by his distinctive style and controversial content.


  • 1993: Brotha Lynch Hung releases his debut album, “24 Deep”, which introduces his horrorcore rap style and gains attention for its graphic and explicit lyrics.
  • 1995: His second album, “Season of da Siccness”, becomes a significant release in the horrorcore subgenre and solidifies his reputation as a controversial and unique artist.
  • 1997: Brotha Lynch Hung releases “Loaded”, continuing his signature horrorcore theme and further building his fanbase.
  • 2001: He collaborates with Tech N9ne on the album “The Worst”, which showcases their chemistry and lyrical prowess.
  • 2009: Brotha Lynch Hung releases “Dinner and a Movie”, an album that continues his horror-themed narratives and features collaborations with fellow artists.
  • 2013: He collaborates with Strange Music labelmate Tech N9ne on the album “Something Else”, which features the track “Thizzles” and further highlights his horrorcore style.
  • 2019: Brotha Lynch Hung releases his album “Torment”, adding to his discography and maintaining his unique musical identity.


  • “24 Deep” (1993) – Album
  • “Season of da Siccness” (1995) – Album
  • “Loaded” (1997) – Album
  • “The Worst” (2001) – Album (collaboration with Tech N9ne)
  • “Dinner and a Movie” (2009) – Album
  • “Something Else” (2013) – Album (collaboration with Tech N9ne)
  • “Torment” (2019) – Album

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