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Brother Cane, a rock band formed in the early 1990s, carved a distinct place for themselves in the rock scene with their electrifying sound and dynamic performances. The band, led by singer and guitarist Damon Johnson, garnered attention for their powerful music and captivating live shows.


  • 1992: Brother Cane is formed in Birmingham, Alabama, by Damon Johnson (vocals, guitar), Roman Glick (bass), Scott Collier (drums), and David Anderson (guitar).
  • 1993: The band signs a record deal with Virgin Records and releases their self-titled debut album, “Brother Cane”, which includes the hit single “Got No Shame.”
  • 1995: Brother Cane releases their sophomore album, “Seeds”, featuring the popular single “And Fools Shine On.”
  • 1998: The band releases their third album, “Wishpool,” which showcases their musical versatility and growth.
  • 1999: Brother Cane goes on an indefinite hiatus, with members pursuing other musical endeavors.
  • 2003: Damon Johnson continues his music career, joining the rock band Alice Cooper as lead guitarist.
  • 2012: The original lineup of Brother Cane reunites for a special one-off performance.
  • 2015: Damon Johnson launches his solo career, further showcasing his songwriting and musical talents.


  • “Brother Cane” (1993) – Album
  • “Seeds” (1995) – Album
  • “Wishpool” (1998) – Album

Band Members:

  • Damon Johnson: Vocals, Guitar
  • Roman Glick: Bass
  • Scott Collier: Drums
  • David Anderson: Guitar (Left the band after the first album)

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