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Bru-C, an English rapper and MC, has become a prominent figure in the UK’s urban music scene, known for his energetic performances, charismatic stage presence, and contributions to the grime and bassline genres. Born as Cameron Edwards on April 15, 1996, in Nottingham, England, Bru-C’s journey from his early passion for music to his rise as a respected artist is marked by his distinctive flow and dynamic approach to his craft.


  • Early Musical Interest: Bru-C’s interest in music began at a young age, influenced by the grime and bassline music scenes that were thriving in the UK. His exposure to these genres ignited his passion for rap and MCing.
  • Local Scene: Growing up in Nottingham, Bru-C immersed himself in the local music scene, performing at open mic events and collaborating with fellow artists. These experiences allowed him to refine his skills and develop his unique style.
  • Breakthrough: Bru-C’s breakthrough moment came with his collaboration with fellow Nottingham artist Bassboy on the track “Wiley Kat” in 2016. The song’s infectious beat and Bru-C’s confident delivery garnered attention and introduced him to a wider audience.
  • Dynamic Performances: Bru-C’s live performances are a defining aspect of his career. His energetic stage presence and ability to engage with audiences have made him a sought-after performer in the UK’s nightlife and festival circuit.
  • Collaborations and Singles: Bru-C continued to release singles and collaborate with various producers and artists in the bassline and grime scenes. His collaborations, including tracks like “You & I” and “Bits”, showcased his versatility and evolving sound.
  • Lyrical Content: Bru-C’s lyrics often touch on personal experiences, social observations, and reflections on life. His relatable and thought-provoking verses resonate with fans, contributing to his growing fanbase.
  • Nottingham Anthem: In 2019, Bru-C released “Original Sounds”, a collaboration with Skepsis, Darkzy, and Window Kid, which became a Nottingham anthem. The track celebrated the city’s music scene and solidified Bru-C’s status as a representative of his hometown.
  • Label Signing: Bru-C’s talent caught the attention of labels, leading to his signing with Crucast, a prominent bassline and grime label known for nurturing emerging talent.
  • Continued Evolution: Bru-C’s artistic evolution is reflected in his music. He explores various production styles and collaborates with diverse artists, contributing to the ongoing growth of the UK’s urban music landscape.


  1. “Wiley Kat” (with Bassboy)
  2. “You & I” (with Simula)
  3. “Bits” (with Window Kid)
  4. “Original Sounds” (with Skepsis, Darkzy, and Window Kid)
  5. “Smile” (with Hadean)
  6. “Love Like This” (with Hamdi)
  7. “Heater” (with Sammy Virji)

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