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Brulux, a French rapper and songwriter born as Lassana Bathily on July 28, 1992, has made a significant impact on the French hip-hop scene with his distinctive style, raw lyrics, and authentic storytelling. His journey from his early experiences in the suburbs of Paris to his rise as a respected artist is characterized by his personal narrative and contributions to the urban music landscape.


  • Early Life and Introduction to Music: Brulux’s early life was influenced by his experiences growing up in the diverse suburbs of Paris, particularly in Seine-Saint-Denis. He was exposed to the vibrant hip-hop culture that thrived in these neighborhoods and was inspired to express himself through music.
  • Emergence as Brulux: Brulux emerged as a rapper and songwriter, adopting his stage name as a combination of “Brun” (referring to his dark complexion) and “Lux” (meaning “light” in Latin). His name reflects the duality of his identity and the contrast between his experiences and aspirations.
  • Street Credentials and Authenticity: Brulux’s authenticity and street credibility contributed to his growing fanbase. He rapped about his personal experiences, addressing topics like struggle, survival, and the challenges faced by marginalized communities in the suburbs.
  • Mixtapes and Collaborations: Brulux gained attention through his mixtapes and collaborations with fellow artists in the French hip-hop scene. His collaborations allowed him to showcase his unique style and connect with different voices within the genre.
  • Raw Lyrics and Storytelling: Brulux’s lyrics are characterized by their raw and unfiltered nature, reflecting the realities of urban life and his personal journey. His storytelling abilities resonate with audiences who can relate to his narratives.
  • “Le Son Qui Tue” and Breakthrough: Brulux’s breakthrough came with the release of the song “Le Son Qui Tue” (translated as “The Sound That Kills”) in 2018. The track’s catchy hook, energetic production, and reflective lyrics garnered widespread attention and marked a turning point in his career.
  • “Brulux On The Flux” and Album Debut: In 2018, Brulux released his debut album “Brulux On The Flux”, which further solidified his position in the French hip-hop scene. The album showcased his growth as an artist and featured collaborations with other prominent artists.
  • Evolution and Releases: Brulux continued to release singles and projects, maintaining his presence in the hip-hop scene. His music evolved while retaining his signature style, which resonated with fans who appreciated his candid storytelling.
  • Online Presence and Social Media Influence: Brulux’s online presence, including his activity on social media platforms, contributed to his popularity and engagement with fans. He used platforms like Instagram to connect with his audience and provide insights into his creative process.


Brulux’s discography includes a combination of singles, mixtapes, and albums that capture his evolution as a rapper and songwriter. Some notable releases include:

  1. “Brulux On The Flux” (2018)
  2. “BDP” (2021)

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