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Born Kayleigh Rose Amstutz in the town of Willard, Missouri, Chappell Roan was a beacon of talent from a young age. The American heartland, with its blend of tradition and openness to new ideas, played a role in nurturing her creative instincts. This setting was instrumental in her developing an authentic sound that spoke to both her roots and her expansive vision for her music.

Venturing into Music: “Die Young” & The Big Break

In an age where the internet was revolutionizing the way artists were discovered, a 17-year-old Chappell took to YouTube. Uploading her original song, “Die Young,” while still in the eleventh grade, she couldn’t have anticipated the whirlwind of changes it would bring to her life. The song caught the attention of Atlantic Records, leading to a significant turning point in her nascent career.

Atlantic Records & Navigating the Big Leagues

Signing with a major label like Atlantic is no small feat, especially for someone from a town like Willard. But Chappell, with her undeniable talent, took this opportunity in stride. The transition from uploading songs on YouTube to being backed by a music industry giant was swift but Roan showed maturity and adaptability, qualities that would stand her in good stead.

Rise to Prominence: “Pink Pony Club”

2020 was a year that the world would never forget for many reasons. For Chappell Roan, it was the year she released “Pink Pony Club,” a track that would later be catapulted to the heights of popularity. By summer 2021, Vulture would declare it as the “Song of Summer 2021”, a testament to its infectious rhythm, relatable lyrics, and Roan’s captivating voice.

Artistry & Identity

Chappell’s music is a reflection of her journey – from small-town dreams to big city realities. Her songs often encapsulate themes of self-discovery, love, ambition, and the challenges that come with growing up. She has managed to bridge the gap between personal narratives and universal themes, making her music relatable to a broad audience.


  1. “Die Young”
  2. “Pink Pony Club” (Released in summer 2020)

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