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Clare Bowen is an Australian actress, singer, and songwriter known for her captivating performances, ethereal vocals, and heartfelt songwriting. Her journey from a small town in Australia to the international stage is a testament to her talent and determination.


  • 1984: Clare Maree Bowen is born on May 12 in South Coast, New South Wales, Australia.
  • 2009: Clare relocates to the United States to pursue her music and acting career. She gains attention for her appearances in television series such as “The Cut” and “Home and Away” in Australia.
  • 2012: Bowen’s breakthrough comes with her role as Scarlett O’Connor in the hit television series “Nashville.” Her character showcases her singing abilities, and she becomes a fan-favorite for her emotional performances and unique voice.
  • 2013: Inspired by her experiences on “Nashville,” Clare Bowen releases her debut single, “Black Roses,” which she performed on the show. The song highlights her folk-country sound and showcases her heartfelt songwriting.
  • 2014: Clare Bowen releases her self-titled debut album, “Clare Bowen.” The album features a collection of folk-infused tracks that highlight her delicate vocals and personal storytelling.
  • 2017: Bowen marries musician Brandon Robert Young in a romantic wedding ceremony.
  • 2018: She releases her second single, “Let It Rain,” which further solidifies her status as a singer-songwriter with a unique voice and emotive storytelling.
  • 2019: Clare Bowen’s journey with “Nashville” comes to an end as the series concludes after six successful seasons. She bids farewell to her iconic character, Scarlett O’Connor.
  • 2020: Bowen releases her second album, “Clare Bowen,” showcasing her growth as an artist and her exploration of different musical styles.


  • Albums:
    • Clare Bowen” (2014)
    • Clare Bowen” (2020)

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