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History and Timeline of Dan Auerbach:

Dan Auerbach is a prominent musician and producer known for his work as the guitarist and vocalist of The Black Keys and his successful solo career. Born on May 14, 1979, in Akron, Ohio, Auerbach has played a pivotal role in the resurgence of blues-rock and garage rock in the 21st century. Here is a timeline of his remarkable career:

2001: Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney formed The Black Keys, a blues-rock duo, in their hometown of Akron, Ohio. Their raw and stripped-down sound quickly garnered attention in the indie music scene.

2002: The Black Keys released their debut album, “The Big Come Up”, which established their signature bluesy sound and earned critical acclaim.

2003: The band followed up with “Thickfreakness”, further solidifying their place in the garage rock revival. The album featured the popular track “Set You Free”.

2004: “Rubber Factory”, the band’s third album, received widespread acclaim and included standout tracks like “10 A.M. Automatic” and “Girl Is on My Mind”.

2006: The Black Keys released “Magic Potion”, showcasing their consistent ability to deliver gritty, blues-infused rock.

2008: The album “Attack & Release”, produced by Danger Mouse, marked a departure from their raw sound, incorporating more diverse instrumentation while maintaining their blues-rock roots.

2010: Auerbach’s solo career took flight with the release of his debut album, “Keep It Hid”, which showcased his songwriting and production skills outside of The Black Keys.

2010-2019: The Black Keys continued to release successful albums, including “Brothers” (2010), “El Camino” (2011), and “Turn Blue” (2014), solidifying their status as one of the most influential rock bands of the 21st century.

2015: Dan Auerbach formed a new band, The Arcs, and released their debut album, “Yours, Dreamily”, exploring a more experimental and psychedelic sound.

2017: Auerbach released his second solo album, “Waiting on a Song”, which leaned into a more country and folk-influenced style, showcasing his versatility as a songwriter.

2019: The Black Keys returned with their album “Let’s Rock”, reaffirming their bluesy rock sound and continuing to win over audiences worldwide.

2021: Auerbach released his third solo album, “Keep It Hid”, further exploring a variety of musical styles while maintaining his distinctive voice as a songwriter and musician.


Here are some of Dan Auerbach’s notable works with The Black Keys, The Arcs, and his solo career:

With The Black Keys:

  1. “The Big Come Up” (2002)
  2. “Thickfreakness” (2003)
  3. “Rubber Factory” (2004)
  4. “Magic Potion” (2006)
  5. “Attack & Release” (2008)
  6. “Brothers” (2010)
  7. “El Camino” (2011)
  8. “Turn Blue” (2014)
  9. “Let’s Rock” (2019)

With The Arcs:

  1. “Yours, Dreamily” (2015)

Solo Albums:

  1. “Keep It Hid” (2009)
  2. “Waiting on a Song” (2017)
  3. “Keep It Hid” (2021)


  • Dan Auerbach – Vocals, Guitar
  • Patrick Carney – Drums (The Black Keys)
  • Various collaborators and band members for The Arcs and solo projects.

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