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History and Timeline of Karan Aujla:

Karan Aujla is a prominent Punjabi singer, lyricist, and songwriter known for his contributions to the Punjabi music industry. He has gained immense popularity for his unique lyrical style and impactful music. Here is a timeline of his journey:

1997: Karan Aujla was born on January 18, 1997, in Ghurala, Punjab, India. He grew up with a deep passion for music, particularly Punjabi music.

2013: At the young age of 16, Karan Aujla started writing lyrics for Punjabi songs. His early exposure to the Punjabi music scene allowed him to hone his skills as a lyricist.

2017: He made his debut as a singer with the track “Property of Punjab,” which received positive reviews and marked the beginning of his singing career.

2018: Karan Aujla gained widespread recognition with his collaboration with singer Sidhu Moosewala on the song “Warning Shots.” The track became a massive hit and solidified his status in the Punjabi music industry.

2019: His song “Don’t Look” became a chart-topper and garnered millions of views on YouTube, establishing him as a rising star in the Punjabi music scene.

2019: Karan Aujla released his debut studio album, “Punjabi Billboard,” which featured tracks like “Facts” and “Hint.” The album showcased his lyrical prowess and versatility as an artist.

2020: He continued to release hit songs, including “Let ‘Em Play,” which resonated with a wide audience and contributed to his growing popularity.

2021: Karan Aujla maintained his position as one of the leading figures in Punjabi music with the release of tracks like “Dil Di Changi” and “BacTHAfucUP.”

Karan Aujla’s ability to craft meaningful and relatable lyrics, combined with his charismatic persona, has made him a prominent figure in the Punjabi music industry.


  1. “Punjabi Billboard” (2019) – Debut Studio Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Facts,” “Hint”
  2. “Property of Punjab” (2017) – Debut Single
    • Notable Track: “Property of Punjab”
  3. “Warning Shots” (2018) – Single (with Sidhu Moosewala)
    • Notable Track: “Warning Shots”
  4. “Don’t Look” (2019) – Single
    • Notable Track: “Don’t Look”
  5. “Let ‘Em Play” (2020) – Single
    • Notable Track: “Let ‘Em Play”
  6. “Dil Di Changi” (2021) – Single
    • Notable Track: “Dil Di Changi”
  7. “BacTHAfucUP” (2021) – Single
    • Notable Track: “BacTHAfucUP”

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